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My name is Erika Omerzel Vujić, born on 1st of April in 1971. I attended Ljubljana School of Design and graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. Since then I paint, but in the recent years my primary focus has become illustration for children and youth. My works were exhibited on Slovenian biennial of illustration in 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014.

My work, which is presented on the website, was published in books, magazines, textbooks and workbooks.

"I remember how much I enjoyed looking at illustrations when I was young, and I think the same for the kids nowadays. I want to make people interested in my work, even with some little details. Before publishing an illustration, I always show it to my children. They are my first critics, and I must admit, very strict."



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Ulica Janeza Rožiča 20, 1211 Ljubljana - Šmartno, Slovenija

+386 31 641 544